Best Equipment To Clean a Restaurant Kitchen

restaurant's kitchens need to be spot on
Restaurants have a variety of equipment that is used on a daily basis. The equipment can become dirty, grungy, and greasy with heavy use.

It is important to find the proper equipment to clean restaurant kitchens. The type of cleaning equipment that needs to be used should have a powerful cleaning ability. It will need to be able to loosen and lift dirt, grime, and grease for effective cleaning ability.

It is a good idea to have a strong suction to remove food and debris from small crevices and spaces.
There are several recommended pieces of heavy duty equipment for this type of cleaning power.

Steam Cleaner

Steam really helps cleaning the grime

A thorough cleaning machine that would work well in a restaurant kitchen area is a steam cleaner. Being able to use a commercial steam cleaner will ensure that germs and bacteria are killed. It will keep the kitchen sanitary and offer a better grease and grime cleaning feature. The steam cleaner is heated up to a temperature of approximately 300 degrees.
This may vary depending on the steam cleaner that is being used. The attachments can be used to steam countertops, appliances, and food preparation stations. The steam allows the grime and grease to heat up and loosen from the surface that it is stuck too. It will help to remove dirt that is embedded in small spaces that are hard to reach. When the steam heats up the grime and grease, it is then able to be removed with ease.

Pressure Washer

A commercial pressure washer is a great machine to use in restaurant kitchens. It can be used on walls and floors that need a deep and thorough cleaning. The pressure washer can heat water and soap.

The nozzle can be adjusted to the type of pressure that is needed for the job. When using a pressure washer on walls and floors, it will lift hard stains and grease. Being able to use a pressure washer on greasy walls and floors will remove the stuck-on dirt and grime with ease. It saves time because the pressure washer can remove more grease in a few minutes than it would take doing it by hand.

The adjustable pressure nozzle offers the ability to zone in on tough grime or to give the entire wall a clean rinse. The pressure washer has many different settings that will work for various grease and grime issues. It is best to test the machine on a small area before cleaning the entire wall. It will help to determine if the pressure is set to high or if it needs to be turned up to a higher setting. It is one of the recommended pieces of equipment that would work great cleaning a restaurant kitchen.

Shop Vacuum

vacuum cleaner industrial gradeA commercial shop vacuum is another recommended product to use when cleaning a kitchen in a restaurant. The shop vacuum can be used on dry or wet surfaces. It can suck up large debris, dust, and dirt that would normally clog up a standard vacuum. It is good to use when the floors are wet, and there is an excessive amount of water that needs to be sucked up.

The shop vacuum has a high-quality suction power that can remove dirt from smaller areas where a broom may miss. It can be used both inside and outside for sufficient cleaning power. The attachments that come with the shop vacuum make it easier to get into tight areas that are hard to reach. It can be used on ceilings and fixtures to clean cobwebs and dirt as well.

Steam Mop

Once the kitchen appliances and other areas are thoroughly clean, a steam mop can be used. The steam mop only uses water and creates hot steam to clean the floors. It is a sanitary mop that will leave the floors shining brightly. It can loosen up any grime on the floors for better cleaning. The floors may need to be steamed mop more than once depending on how dirty the floors are, to begin with.

The steam mop provides a clean, sanitary, and shiny appearance when used on kitchen floors. The steam mop is an excellent piece of equipment to have on hand when cleaning a restaurant kitchen.

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