Tips for camping in the rain

camp in a rainy weather

Camping is a very enjoyable experience that distracts you from the daily routine. But while you plan on camping with everything in place, there comes rain unexpectedly, which will want to ruin that experience you had been longing for. If this happens, there is no need to postpone the activity as there are tips which will ensure that you have a pleasant camping experience even though it rains cats and dogs.

Factors to have in mind when camping during the rainy season

camping during stormy weather is not funChoose the perfect spot to raise your tent. As landscapes take any form, you may find that the camping site is hilly or mountainous. When selecting a perfect spot, make sure it is not on a slope, depression or soft ground. Always prevent places that have that overview of being flooded once it rains to prevent yourself from the downpour.

Always have one tarp or two with you.

You should never forget the tarps. It is said that a complete camper’s kit should contain the tarps. Preferably, a high pitched tarp will be suitable for ensuring that the cooking areas are dry for preparing meals. It is advisable to pitch the tarp over the table or above the tent and ensure that the sides are at a lower level than the middle so as to make the rain fall to the sides.

Make huge plastic bags you intimate friends.Plastic bags can be used nearly in everything. For instance, trash bags can be very efficient when you use them as a lining on the inside of duffels and backpacks. This ensures that everything is kept dry and away from the rain. They too can be used to store clothes in the tent. You can also make a sleeping pad using the plastic bag by filling one of them with debris.

Pack the right gear.

Camping in the rain season can be fascinating only and only if you have the correct gear with you. When packing, make sure you carry along rain jackets, boots and warm clothes with you. Other important things to pack are the pack towels, which will be very handy in wiping up the rain water that might find its way into your tent. Experts say that avoid putting on cotton clothing as they have no insulation characteristics when they are wet.

Ensure the inside of the tent is always dry.All you are trying to do is preventing water from entering your tent. To do this, always remove the boots when entering the tent. For the wet clothes, remove them and place them inside a plastic bag to be sure that they will not mix with dry ones by mistake and tamper with your comfort. Afterwards, make sure you dry the clothes and the tent so as to prevent creating ideal conditions for the mould growth.

Prepare to get warm.

Even though you will try preventing yourself from getting wet, the fact remains that you will. Because of this, you have to plan how to get warm after being drenched in water.
Be cautious on the rising water. This can be achieved by pitching your camp in higher grounds.

make sure kids are happy

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