Technology in catering: what does the future hold for us?

Results from the 2016 Restaurant Technology Survey, which were unveiled at the National Restaurant Association’s latest show, show that restaurateurs agree that technology can help increase sales and improve customer service. However, the obstacles brought about by the introduction of new technologies tend to slow down their company’s progress, with the result that one-third of operators surveyed say they are behind in implementing the technology in their establishment.

In fact, only 10% of survey respondents believe that their institution is at the cutting edge of technology.

According to the survey, the use of a point-of-sale (POS) system, the creation of a detailed website and the Wi-Fi connection offer for customers are the most common technological elements for restaurants. Automated tabletop ordering, mobile payment, and smartphone applications are the least common options.

What can we expect from the institutions that are currently at the top?

Robots are among us, and they are no longer just in the background. Automation can improve a restaurant’s food safety and efficiency while allowing customers to customize their meals without hassle. Here are three of the innovations presented at the NRA Show:

Speed up the sushi production process: Suzumo International has found a way to bring masses of fresh sushi to the population. The traditional process of making maki, homemade rolls and nigiri are very laborious and time-consuming, but Japanese society plans to change all this by introducing robots that produce between 1,800 and 3,600 pieces of nigiri per hour. The company also offers an automatic roller machine and a sushi rice mixer.

Automated Frying: Kitchen equipment manufacturers Middleby Corp. and Pitco recently teamed up with Rethink Robotics to create the first automated employee. The latter can cook a batch of fries as efficiently and quickly as any cook and its long-term performance are more economical than that of a regular employee ($30,000 for 35,500 hours of repeated work, not counting a lifetime of more than five years).

Custom made salads: visitors to the show had the opportunity to discover Sally, a robot similar to a vending machine that allows customers to customize their salads in space even more compact than a salad bar. The countermodel contains ingredients for the equivalent of 50 salads in a refrigerated compartment. Customers just choose their favorite ingredients, and the salad falls straight into a bowl.

The benefits? Operators can offer a more extensive choice without the risk of cross-contamination.” In large factories, robots have been used to make food for at least 20 years. We simply took the huge robots and made smaller ones so that every restaurant can now have one,” says Deepak Sekar, president, and CEO of Casabots.

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The best Tech has to offer for restaurant owners in 2018

technology for restaurant owners

The food service industry is growing wide and becoming competitive. As the world is revolving in technology, so are restaurants revolving too. You can choose to stick with the old ways, but the consequence is customers might just get bored and unsatisfied hence switch to a more modern restaurant. So yes, there is need to improve in technology as the world is growing.

As you know, we can get food on our tables with just a mobile order. Table bookings, payment of bills and a whole lot of things have been taken to another level beyond the old ways we are used to. If you own a restaurant, you should also see improving your service. In this article, I will discuss various technology for restaurants that you should add to your business.

The best technology for restaurant owners

ordering through a screenOnline food ordering: Ordering food online is part of the significant trending technology for restaurants lately. This technology allows your customers order for food without having to step into your restaurant. This is, in fact, fewer queues for you to attend to as well. Customers don’t have to wait at your restaurant forever for food. It is a better option to telephone pre-ordering because even that takes time. Your employees who already are busy with other things will only be distracted by phone calls. With online food pre-ordering, you can get your customer’s food ready while they just come in and eat.

This also means increased sales for you since they mostly have to pay in advance before coming for the meal, plus they might just order for extras since they are not under any form of pressure. Also, this is just the perfect way to get orders more accurately.

Delivery: Only a small percentage of restaurants could be said not to have this technology already. If you are part of this few, then you need to top up your game because you might just be left out. With food, pre-ordering comes delivery sometimes. So you might want to work with food delivery apps. This partnership gives you an advantage of reducing the crowd in your restaurant, still earn enough and doesn’t require you hiring extra staff for the delivery logistics and service.

People are busy these days; too busy to enter a restaurant and have a meal. So, the delivery service has just been a great idea which you have to start thinking about if you don’t have this technology for restaurants already. Get onboard!

japanese sushi trainPoint of sale system (POS): Most restaurants use the POS or and this system is growing and becoming refined. Customers can pay for their food easily with you at ease as well.

WI-FI: This is another restaurant technology that is fast growing. In fact, it is a good way to attract more customers to your restaurant. A lot of people use smartphones to surf, track football scores and all of that. They do these things while eating as well. So this will be a good thing to go side by side your customer’s meal. For free WiFi, they might just prefer your restaurant.

Automated Inventory Tracking: This technology for restaurants is Isa good one for you too. Why do you have to sweat and manually log your inventory when systems like this are available. Systems like BevSpot will track inventory automatically for you. With the traditional way, you are at risk of making serious mistakes, but with this automatic inventory, mistakes are evitable. Some have features to suggest ways for you not to over or underspend in a week.

These are five amazing technology for restaurants you might want to check out. Let your restaurant improve as the world is improving. We are in the technology age so you should top up your game!

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Best Equipment To Clean a Restaurant Kitchen

restaurant's kitchens need to be spot on
Restaurants have a variety of equipment that is used on a daily basis. The equipment can become dirty, grungy, and greasy with heavy use.

It is important to find the proper equipment to clean restaurant kitchens. The type of cleaning equipment that needs to be used should have a powerful cleaning ability. It will need to be able to loosen and lift dirt, grime, and grease for effective cleaning ability.

It is a good idea to have a strong suction to remove food and debris from small crevices and spaces.
There are several recommended pieces of heavy duty equipment for this type of cleaning power.

Steam Cleaner

Steam really helps cleaning the grime

A thorough cleaning machine that would work well in a restaurant kitchen area is a steam cleaner. Being able to use a commercial steam cleaner will ensure that germs and bacteria are killed. It will keep the kitchen sanitary and offer a better grease and grime cleaning feature. The steam cleaner is heated up to a temperature of approximately 300 degrees.
This may vary depending on the steam cleaner that is being used. The attachments can be used to steam countertops, appliances, and food preparation stations. The steam allows the grime and grease to heat up and loosen from the surface that it is stuck too. It will help to remove dirt that is embedded in small spaces that are hard to reach. When the steam heats up the grime and grease, it is then able to be removed with ease.

Pressure Washer

A commercial pressure washer is a great machine to use in restaurant kitchens. It can be used on walls and floors that need a deep and thorough cleaning. The pressure washer can heat water and soap.

The nozzle can be adjusted to the type of pressure that is needed for the job. When using a pressure washer on walls and floors, it will lift hard stains and grease. Being able to use a pressure washer on greasy walls and floors will remove the stuck-on dirt and grime with ease. It saves time because the pressure washer can remove more grease in a few minutes than it would take doing it by hand.

The adjustable pressure nozzle offers the ability to zone in on tough grime or to give the entire wall a clean rinse. The pressure washer has many different settings that will work for various grease and grime issues. It is best to test the machine on a small area before cleaning the entire wall. It will help to determine if the pressure is set to high or if it needs to be turned up to a higher setting. It is one of the recommended pieces of equipment that would work great cleaning a restaurant kitchen.

Shop Vacuum

vacuum cleaner industrial gradeA commercial shop vacuum is another recommended product to use when cleaning a kitchen in a restaurant. The shop vacuum can be used on dry or wet surfaces. It can suck up large debris, dust, and dirt that would normally clog up a standard vacuum. It is good to use when the floors are wet, and there is an excessive amount of water that needs to be sucked up.

The shop vacuum has a high-quality suction power that can remove dirt from smaller areas where a broom may miss. It can be used both inside and outside for sufficient cleaning power. The attachments that come with the shop vacuum make it easier to get into tight areas that are hard to reach. It can be used on ceilings and fixtures to clean cobwebs and dirt as well.

Steam Mop

Once the kitchen appliances and other areas are thoroughly clean, a steam mop can be used. The steam mop only uses water and creates hot steam to clean the floors. It is a sanitary mop that will leave the floors shining brightly. It can loosen up any grime on the floors for better cleaning. The floors may need to be steamed mop more than once depending on how dirty the floors are, to begin with.

The steam mop provides a clean, sanitary, and shiny appearance when used on kitchen floors. The steam mop is an excellent piece of equipment to have on hand when cleaning a restaurant kitchen.

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Portable Audio Equipment Hire for Your Events

make sure your dj has the right equipement

If you are planning an event that requires audio equipment for the entertainment of your guests, then you may want to consider hiring this equipment rather than purchasing it.

It will cost considerably less, and you will not be left with equipment that you may not use again. Portable audio equipment hire is usually very flexible and can be used in many different situations.
portable audio equipment for your partyA good company will make sure that all equipment that is available to hire is in full working order and they will use brand names that are instantly recognisable.
If you are only hosting a small event, then individual items of equipment are available to hire such as microphones and battery-powered speaker systems. These items make setting up for the event very convenient as they can be used wherever is needed and moved about during the event as required. Talk to the company about what you need to hire the portable audio equipment for, and they will be able to advise you which equipment you should be looking at.

If you are part of a band and a piece of your equipment has broken down, then you may choose to hire some portable audio equipment until yours can be repaired or replaced. It means that you can honour your existing commitments and do not have to cancel any gigs that you may have. Full setups are usually available, and most companies will allow you to create your rental package based on the equipment that you need.

An excellent portable audio equipment hire company will have equipment that is available for both indoor and outdoor use. They may also be able to provide other items that may be needed such as lighting and smoke machines.

If you are having a party in your home or garden and someone is willing to be a DJ, it is possible to hire all the equipment that is needed for this, including mixing desks and speaker systems.

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Tips for camping in the rain

camp in a rainy weather

Camping is a very enjoyable experience that distracts you from the daily routine. But while you plan on camping with everything in place, there comes rain unexpectedly, which will want to ruin that experience you had been longing for. If this happens, there is no need to postpone the activity as there are tips which will ensure that you have a pleasant camping experience even though it rains cats and dogs.

Factors to have in mind when camping during the rainy season

camping during stormy weather is not funChoose the perfect spot to raise your tent. As landscapes take any form, you may find that the camping site is hilly or mountainous. When selecting a perfect spot, make sure it is not on a slope, depression or soft ground. Always prevent places that have that overview of being flooded once it rains to prevent yourself from the downpour.

Always have one tarp or two with you.

You should never forget the tarps. It is said that a complete camper’s kit should contain the tarps. Preferably, a high pitched tarp will be suitable for ensuring that the cooking areas are dry for preparing meals. It is advisable to pitch the tarp over the table or above the tent and ensure that the sides are at a lower level than the middle so as to make the rain fall to the sides.

Make huge plastic bags you intimate friends.Plastic bags can be used nearly in everything. For instance, trash bags can be very efficient when you use them as a lining on the inside of duffels and backpacks. This ensures that everything is kept dry and away from the rain. They too can be used to store clothes in the tent. You can also make a sleeping pad using the plastic bag by filling one of them with debris.

Pack the right gear.

Camping in the rain season can be fascinating only and only if you have the correct gear with you. When packing, make sure you carry along rain jackets, boots and warm clothes with you. Other important things to pack are the pack towels, which will be very handy in wiping up the rain water that might find its way into your tent. Experts say that avoid putting on cotton clothing as they have no insulation characteristics when they are wet.

Ensure the inside of the tent is always dry.All you are trying to do is preventing water from entering your tent. To do this, always remove the boots when entering the tent. For the wet clothes, remove them and place them inside a plastic bag to be sure that they will not mix with dry ones by mistake and tamper with your comfort. Afterwards, make sure you dry the clothes and the tent so as to prevent creating ideal conditions for the mould growth.

Prepare to get warm.

Even though you will try preventing yourself from getting wet, the fact remains that you will. Because of this, you have to plan how to get warm after being drenched in water.
Be cautious on the rising water. This can be achieved by pitching your camp in higher grounds.

make sure kids are happy

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The very best wines for your barbecue

wine tasting among friends

There are many different wines, sparkling wines and champagne offered on the marketplace at a range of prices to match every spending plan. If you have actually invited a large crowd to your BBQ celebration you can typically get an actually bargain and save yourself a great deal of legwork.

The long hot sunny days of summer are perfect for a bbq and it is the perfect excuse to bring your pals together to delight in the warm evening, with scrumptious food, great wine and champagne and fantastic discussion.

Too much choice on the market?

selection of meat bbqYou know have an understanding that you will buy wine online but the next choice is which wines and champagne to pick. Think about the excellent barbequing countries – Australia, America, Argentina and even South Africa and these are likewise excellent wine producing nations therefore a number of these nations wines go wonderfully well with richer food. So if you are serving flavoursome sauces, chilli marinades and abundant dips then these wines are best.

Brand-new world Sauvignon Blanc has a small sharp flavour that would be ideal to opt for grilled oily fish, or seafood of any kind. Australia and Chile both produce great examples of the wine that are excellent with white fish.

On the whole all types of white wine are suitable to serve with lighter more delicately flavoured bbq food such as fish, veggies and chicken. For lots of individuals the bbq is an impressive spread of red meats, mixed grills, hamburgers or sausages and more typically than not it is the men of the celebration who happily manage the grill and the tongs!

White wines are often a great pick for hot summer days!

If white wines are served with chicken and fish, it is typically red wine that’s served with red meats, but understand wines with oaky tastes as they will interfere with the char grilled food flavours. Choose rather for a robust yet fruity flavoured red.

Since you are serving red meat do not dismiss on white wines. A carefully selected white wine can go effectively with red meat however try to find complete bodied whites with flavour that will not be lost in the food flavours and aromas.

As the food is eaten and the coals cool off, fruit desserts are rejuvenating and compliment them with a champagne or champagne to add a touch of celebration to your night. If you wish to add a bit more entertainment to the night try out your preferred champagne mixed drinks.
All that is left is to cross your fingers for some gorgeous summer weather condition!

Any questions? Feel free to drop us a line and Mario our cook will get back to you.

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Things to Make a Long Flight More Comfortable

passing time during a flight

When you’re travelling long distances, perhaps even internationally, that long flight can be uncomfortable. It is especially true if you are flying in the economy section. However, there are a few things you can carry on with you to make your long-distance flight more comfortable.

Filling Snacks

View from cockpit before landing

If you are like me you are just waiting for it to end…

You don’t know if or when the flight attendants will be bringing around snacks or meals, so pack some things to tide you over. High-protein and high-fiber snacks like nuts, protein bars, and dried fruit work wonders in taking the edge off your appetite.

Sleep Mask

One of the best ways to pass the time on a long flight is to sleep, but sometimes this can be difficult on a plane. If the person in the seat next to you has a light turned on, put on your sleep mask to block out the light and rest more comfortably.

Ear Plugs or Headphones

Along that same line of thought, planes can be noisy, and so can your fellow passengers. Block out the noise with ear plugs or by playing music through headphones so that you can sleep better.

A Scarf, Wrap or Shawl

A large scarf has a lot of different uses on a plane. It works as a blanket to keep you warm, you can use it to clean your glasses or your phone screen, and you don’t even have to carry it in a bag because it looks fashionable just hanging around your neck.

Compression Socks

When travelling long distances, your feet and legs can sometimes get swollen from sitting too long. Keep your legs healthy and comfortable by wearing compression socks.

The best part about a holiday is the destination, but when you prepare yourself by bringing these essential items, the long flight there doesn’t have to be bad. In fact, it can even become part of the fun.

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Our Selection of the Top Restaurants in Boston

When spending time in a city, it is important to make the experience as special as possible. For many people, this includes having a choice of establishments to enjoy a meal. If you are staying in Boston, you will find a diverse range of restaurants to enjoy some fantastic food from across the globe and here are some of the top venues.


Located in Downtown Boston, Ostra is best-known for its superb seafood dishes. The fish dishes are prepared using fresh fish, and there is an excellent wine menu for you to choose drinks that complement your meal. Other benefits of eating here are the friendly atmosphere and the outstanding customer service.


Regardless of whether you prefer meat or fish, you will find something on this menu to tantalise your taste buds. This is an excellent choice of restaurant in the evenings, and it is worth saving room for some of the delicious desserts on offer.

James Hook & Company

If you want to sample some traditional Boston dishes made using locally sourced ingredients, then James Hook and company is one of the top options in the city. Although the menu is varied, you can expect to find plenty of traditional American meals alongside some mouth-watering seafood options.

Sam LaGrassa’s

For a light lunch or a casual snack, nothing beats Sam LaGrassa’s. This is a New York style deli in the heart of Boston that serves tasty snacks and treats at aa reasonable environment. Expect a relaxed and friendly ambience at this eatery.

Grill 23 & Bar

Steak lovers will adore this particular restaurant as it boasts a typical steakhouse menu with a modern twist. It is a little more expensive than some of its competition, but it is well worth the extra expense. Each dish is prepared to the highest standard, and the presentation is stunningly beautiful.

Myers + Chang

Anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine will love Myers + Chang. The dishes here are predominantly Asian-fusion cuisine. Each dish is freshly prepared and spiced to perfection. This vibrant atmosphere is perfect for eating out with a group or for family celebrations.


Ya is one of the most popular Japanese restaurants in Boston and is ideal for a sushi lunch. If you choose to eat here in the evening, it is a wonderful venue for a romantic and intimate meal. The choice of dishes here is excellent, and there is the option to choose a larger number of smaller dishes to share with your eating companions.

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar

If fun is high on your list of priorities when choosing somewhere to eat, then Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar fits the bill perfectly. One of the predominant reasons why people flock to this venue is for the amazing cocktails. However, if you try the food, you will find that it is just as amazing. This is a restaurant best-suited to a night out in Boston with friends.

These are just some of the best places to eat out during a stay in Boston. There are many more fantastic venues to choose between that suit all tastes and budgets.

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